Mechanical fixing can be done by several different system subject to the project needs and characteristic of the walls and the stone
And it will be decided by the specialist case by case like L-Angle, Z-Angle or Channel Fixing.

In the common and as a regular case, the best system is the L-angle.

Explanation for this kind as per the following details:

Using SS-Steel (202) L Angle (25 x 30 x 40 x 3mm)

The Fixing System will be used in this project is; mechanically dry fixing with L Angle with shield bolt – as per attached sketch.

The material used here are all S-Steel.

Jointing & bending agent will be covered by another section (as per attached sketch).

The distance between the units is maximum 50 cm and every stone shall be supported by 2 units below & 2 units’ upper detail.

The Angle will support the stone load and the pin will be inserting in half way between 2 stone pieces detail. The Angle will be supported strongly to the wall by S-Steel Shield Bolt 8 x 60 mm with high pullout resistant (refer to load statistical).The air space here will be vary between 2-3 cm (as per
the wall alignment). The L Angle has a strong bending resistant to carry the stone load.